Engineering Solution Company (ESCO) Established in 2005, ESCO is an engineering solutions company, offering services in IT consultation, database applications, management systems development, web design, networking, security, communications, technical support and maintenance.

Our team includes qualified engineers and highly skilled technicians that devote their extensive expertise and IT proficiency to provide our clients with the best and most cost-effective services and solutions in a timely manner.

Our portfolio encompasses a wide variety of enterprises in both the public and private sectors in areas ranging from media to public health, delivering unparalleled flexibility while minimizing operating costs.

One Need, One App


Increase Efficiency &Profitability

We strive to provide small, mid-sized and enterprise businesses with the management tools they need to increase efficiency and profitability.

Help Business Success

Our goal is to help business owners create a solid foundation for a successful future.

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Provide peace of mind Program

We want current and prospective users to be able to count on a program that can not only satisfy the needs of their business but ultimately provide them with peace of mind.

Answer needs

We are committed to anticipating the needs of our users and evolving business environments.

Continue the journey

Thus, our journey in program development and standardization continues.